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Custom music for your video game project

Need custom music for your video game project? You're on the right place!

  • I do : custom music for video games.

  • Price : $210 per minute of music.

  • Packs : From 10 minutes of music and beyond, you can buy a pack according to the amount of music you need. Each pack comes with a discount, so the more music you buy, the more money you save. Note that for any amount of music above 10 minutes, you can still benefit from these discounts. For example, if you buy 25 minutes of music, you still get the $600 discount from the 20 minutes pack. More information below.

  • Revisions : If need be, revisions can be made and are already included in the price.

  • Get in touch : Want to buy custom music or have any question? Contact me here.

Get in touch

Thanks for submitting!

Please use the form below to contact me if you have any question or if you are interested in hiring me.


In case you want to hire me, please tell me a little bit about your project and how many minutes of music you would like me to create for you. I will then contact you so we can arrange a first meeting for further discussions.

Looking forward to hearing from you! :D

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